The Art of Pie cooking class ①②③

The #1 Dessert of the USA is Pie!
This time, we’ll make a berry filling.
We’ll also make a savory quiche using the same pie
We first scheduled this class for February 2020. In small
groups, we’ll hold three sessions and enjoy eating our
cooking at home. We encourage those who are free
during the workday to sign up for the Tuesday morning
class ( ③ ).
Dates:① Saturday, July 2nd 10am ~ noon
② Saturday, July 2nd 2pm ~ 4pm
③ Tuesday, July 5th 10am ~ noon
Place:Shikokuchuo Health Center
2nd floor Nutrition guidance room
Instructor:Daniel Cruse(Oregon, USA)
Target participants:High schoolers and above
Capacity:6 groups(12 people)(Please sign up in
groups of two。)
Cost:¥500 (SIFA member)、¥1.000 (general)
Sign-up deadline:Thursday, June 23rd


”Let’s Chat” Online in simple Japanese (SIFA members only)


In this members-only event, you can practice your Japanese

(or English) during the day with our Intrnational Relations staff.

  Why not chat with us in your language of choice?


Dates: Tuesday ~ Friday
Time: 9am ~ 5pm, 15 minutes per signup, 5 chats available per member/year
      Japanese discussion with Japanese city hall staff (Yamakawa or Nino)
      English discussion with Daniel Cruse
      No fee for SIFA members
      Once you sign up, we will send you a Zoom link. Please sign up with your name, top two requests for discussion time, and email address. Since the chats will be conducted using Zoom, please enjoy on your phone or computer.

Zoom phone.jpg

♣ If requests overlap at specific times, the chats may take place in a small group.

♣ Circumstances may dictate adjustment to dates and times.

Members-only English Salon

We’ll hold this casual conversation circle in Mishima and Kawanoe. Come and join us if you’re free!

Dates:Tuesday, June 28th Kawanoe Fureai Koryu Center, Meeting Room 1

    Wednesday, June 29th Citizen Exchange Building, Multipurpose Room 3


Capacity:4 SIFA members

Discussion leader:Dan Cruse (city CIR)

Target:Beginner~advanced English speakers



NEWS English ②

 We’re bringing this friendly discussion event after a year’s break.

We’ll discuss various trends, nature and funny happenings from

around the world.
Dates:   April 7th, 14th, 21st

            (Three Thursday meetings each)
Time:            7pm ~ 8pm
Place:            Citizens’ Exchange building,
second floor meeting room
Instructor:      City CIR Dan Cruse
Class size:       around 8 members
Target English level: Intermediate ~ (high-school age or above)
Cost:                ¥1,000 (member), ¥2,000 (general)


Ace the TOEIC

 What do you know about the TOEIC (Test of English for
International Communication)? Unlike the popular Japanese

“Eiken,” the TOEIC is a measure of English ability used around

the world. Also unlike the Eiken, there’s no “failing” the TOEIC –

everyone will get a score regardless of English level.
 We’ll be holding a class in English and Japanese to prepare
students for the TOEIC. We hope to provide motivation for
intermediate English learners to continue their studies.

Dates: May 12th, 19th, 26th June 2nd, 9th, 16th
(Thursday evenings, six meetings)
Time: 7 ~ 8pm
Place: Citizens’ Exchange Building, 2nd floor
Instructor: Daniel Cruse (city CIR)
Target English level: Intermediate and above (High Schooler
or older)
Cost:  ¥2,000 (SIFA member,)  ¥4,000 (general)

    ¥3,000 textbook fee not included.
Class size: up to twelve students
Signup deadline: Tuesday, May 10th


SIFA Annual Meeting

We will hold our Annual Meeting on Saturday, May 14th. The focus will be a report on our activities forthe past year and plans for the coming one. For the past two years, we’ve had to do our annual report and member consultations by mail. This will be our first in-person Meeting in three years, so we hope you can make it!

Date: Saturday, May 14th
Time: 11am 〜 (reception opens at 10:30am)
Place: Kawanoe Fureai Koryu Center Large Hall
Free event for SIFA Members
Sign-up deadline: Friday, April 22nd

Introductory English ①

Students can level up their English in
this friendly ESL (English as a Second
Language) class.

Dates: 5/31 (Tuesday,) 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/1

                                  (Fridays, six meetings)

Time: 10:00am ~ 11:30am

Place: Citizens’ Exchange Building

Class size: 5 ~ 12 students

Instructor: Daniel Cruse (city CIR)

Target English level: Beginner~Intermediate

Cost:  ¥3,000 (SIFA member,)  ¥6,000 (general)

Signup deadline: Friday, May 27th