Japanese Teaching Association

Interested in studying Japanese?



The SIFA Japanese teaching association is a group of SIFA members who volunteer their time to help non-Japanese living in Shikokuchuo with their Japanese studies. The group was formed to address the desire of the increasing number of non-Japanese living in Shikokuchuo to study the Japanese language.


Any non-Japanese person living in Shikokucho can study Japanese for free as long as they are a member of SIFA (see the Membership Page for more details).



Association name: SIFA Volunteer Japanese Teaching Association

                                (Part of the Shikokuchuo International Friendship Association)

Fee: 2000 yen (Annual SIFA membership fee) + Textbook cost (to be purchased on your own)

Teachers available: 17

Total students enrolled: 71

Applicants: Any non-Japanese person may join, regardless of Japanese language ability.

Location: Shikokuchuo City Shimin Koryu-to, Multi-purpose rooms 1, 2, or 3 (市民交流棟,多目的室)

Lesson format: One on one or group lessons available

                          Class frequency and scheduling dependant on teacher and student availability 

To sign up, come to the Community Promotion Office on the third floor of Shikokuchuo City Hall.

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