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Language Classes

初心者英会話(Beginner English)

Teacher:Chelsea Collins (CIR)

​Aimed at:Beginners


This is an English class for beginners.

There are 4 cycles of lessons and a textbook is used in class「Interchange, Fourth Edition- Student's Book 1」.

Lesson outline:Self Introduction, Work, Family, Likes

                       and dislikes, my daily schedule

ニュース英会話(News English)

Teacher:Chelsea Collins(CIR)

Aimed at:Intermediate~

This is aimed at Intermediate to advanced learners。

​2~3 cycles of lessons occur per year. The students will read a newspaper article and discuss and debate about the article. 

Lesson outline:Environmental issues, politics,

                       Innovation, Life


キッズ英会話:Ei-GO!(Kids Eikaiwa: Ei-GO!)


Aimed at:Elementary school students

This is an event where elementary school students go around various English speaking booths. Each booth will represent a situation. Students will complete a mission from each booth and receive a stamp. 

Lesson outline:Numbers、Animals、Colours

英語カフェ(English Cafe)


​Aimed at:Beginner to Advanced

This event is for participants who are interested in leveling up their speaking skills or who want to practice speaking.  

Lesson outline:Free topic

International Understanding

世界の料理教室(Cooking classes)

Teacher:Dependent on the cooking class

Aimed at:High school students and above

In this fun class you can make foods from around the world!

Cooking classes so far:South Korea, New Zealand,

                                   Mexico, Australia, USA, 

                                   Thailand, Vietnam, Russia 

イースターまつり(Easter Matsuri)


Aimed at:Kindergarten and above

Date:Mid April

Enjoy Easter through a diverse selection of craft and game activities. 

Event outline:Egg painting、Easter games、

​            Colouring-in, Egg hunt

ハロウィンパーティー(Halloween Party)

​Aimed at:Anyone can participate

Date:End of October

Dress-up as your favourite characters and play a variety of Halloween themed games! There are also various contests where you can receive great prizes. 

Event outline:Game booths、Pinata、Lantern making、

​            Stage events, maze